Area of application

More than just a supplier of industrial equipment, LGB Scop fills the position of your partner in machining center, milling machines and grinding machines.
Its historical know-how confers the milling centers and grinding machines a strong position in following fields: aeronautics industry, car industry, mold production industry, defense industry, energy and high precision mechanics industry.

Through constant innovations LGB Scop develops always more effective machines, which are always more, adapted to different application sectors thanks to an important teamwork with its partners (Heidenhain…) and mainly its clients.


Our machining centers, milling and grinding machines benefit from our portal architecture a stable behavior of the various elements of the machine while fostering a dynamic machine ensuring high precision on the set of linear and rotary axis.

Our range of milling centers 3 to 5 simultaneous axis enables our aerospace industry customers to machining complex parts in materials as diverse as aluminium, titanium and other alloy steels.

Additional equipment such as filtration coolant / liquid grinding, coolant through the tool, chip removal tools or even large-capacity trays provide excellent productivity machining centers and grinding machines.


Machining of complex shapes of molds is formed with a specific machining strategy.

In order to facilitating this strategy LGB Scop develop a range of milling and machining center with square tables. This allows an easily machined mold fully optimizing the capacity of the machine.

The same objective, our range of grinding machines RN and RGV (high speed grinding machines) will bring grinding machines ease to use with high precision.


Located in the heart of the region that made the reputation of France in the field of precision engineering, LGB Scop offers perfectly adapted for the manufacture of small to large complex mechanical components machining solutions and grinding applications.
The vast experience gained since 1952 by LGB Scop has optimized machining center, milling machines and flat portal and mobile column ranges of grinding machines.


The automotive industry is constantly facing new challenges in the global market, which call regularly implement new innovations in order to stay competitive.

All stakeholders must therefore have the industrial capacity to respond to these changes as quickly as possible. It is in this context that LGB Scop develop a range of machining center, milling machines and grinding machines to be flexible enough to meet all of your machining needs.


With its rail division, Europe successfully modernized large companies to innovate and push the boundaries in order to design better networks railroad and train in the world.

This same desire to move forward together, blown from Europe community, LGB Scop conditioning to adapt its products to the new requirements in terms of machining center, milling machines and grinding machines.

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