Business model

LGB Scop, direction

LGB, French machine tool builder – grinding and milling machines is operational in France and abroad in tool manufacturing and aeronautical part production.

The company is organized as follows :

  • Product marketing and communication
  • Sales and services
  • Mechanical research and development and integration of control and programming systems
  • Production and Supplier Relationship

The target market is made up of SMEs and ETIs using high precision complex parts in small and medium-sized series.

LGB has a network of sales managers in France, in Europe and in North America.

The company has its own research and development department, the developed products incorporate new technical and technological concepts in mechanical construction and automation of numerical control.

A network of suppliers, subcontractors and an internal construction team (mechanical, electric and integration of analog and digital control systems) participates in our production activity. We work close together with our clients, suppliers and subcontractors.


On the basis of specifications, we create for you the machining tests for your machine reception.


When installing the machine in your premises, we offer a full training on the use of your machine, the maintenance and conditions of securities.


Perfectly calibrated your machine on your premises, our experts will come to commissioning.


Like all our solutions, the after-sales service will be available to answer all of your questions.


Only original parts validated by LGB Scop ensure you the quality and maximum performance. We guarantee delivery worldwide and in a timely manner.


Our machining centers, milling machines and grinding machines are built to last. You can give them a new life by updating their performance, quality, or even completing their functionality.

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