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KX45 Square Five1

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Five 1 : 2 axis with torque motor A±110° C±220°    //    Spindle 20 000 rpm, 11 kW, 10-15 Nm


The portal structure of the machine (mobile table, fixed bed, portal and traverse) enables increased stability and rigidity which are enhanced by controlled thermal stabilization.The “X”, “Y” and “Z” axis are equipped with SCHNEEBERGER roller guides which ensure high accuracy in the positioning of the axes

The HEIDENHAIN pack including a CN IT 530 HSCI, absolute linear encoders, motors for axis and variators enables high speeds and excellent cutting accuracy in roughing and in finishing thanks to the perfect interaction between HSM algorithm of the digital control and different machine parts. The combination of each elements of this machine provides high performance.

This new “KX” range was developed in close cooperation with our clients and our partners in order to meet machining requirements in the field of tool making (mold design, matrices and models), production of parts for aviation and car industry as well as for high precision mechanics products.

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Additional information

X axis (Longitudinal travel) mm

Y axis (cross travel) mm

Z axis (vertical travel) mm

Displacement of axis
Rapid movement of the X axis m/mn

Rapid movement of the Y axis m/mn

Rapid movement of the Z axis m/mn

Maximum acceleration m/s²

Moving table
Useful working surface (length x width) mm

table weight capacity daN

Grooves Nb

Grooves space mm

Tool cone type

Tool clamping N

Maximum spindle motor power: S1/S6 - 40% kW

Speed rotation mn-1

Maximum torque to the spindle: S1/S6 - 40% Nm

Automatic tool changer
Housing number Nb

Maximum tools diameter mm

Maximum tools weight kg

Maximum tools lenght mm

Tool change time s

Dimensions, weight & power installed
lenght x width x height mm

Total weight kg