New start : LGB becomes LGB Scop


Since the 1st of March 2016, LGB machines is now LGB Scop.
The technical team of LGB become also the management team, with a brand new approach, dedicated to our customers.
With this strategy, we keep all the expertise and the experience gained for the last fifty years.

LGB Scop is composed of 8 partners, who are :

  • Christophe Brunet, company manager,
  • Serge giron,
  • Nicola Trapani,
  • René Vincent,
  • Jean-Marc Machon,
  • Thierry Carre,
  • Joël Chartier,
  • Fred Angénieux.

Management team has a new approach focused on the core business of LGB, namely the flat grinder, without forgetting the machining centers.

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